HI-CLASS Media GROUP is one of Thailand’s leading media production houses of multiple-platform publication (online/offline/interactive media) including; HiclassSociety.com , ArtBangkok.com , at-Bangkok.com , DooQo.com , LivingDD.com , IamTrang.com , HiclassSpa.com , MonsterMom.net และ ThaiWriter.org >> view our Media

Founded in 2003, after taking over HI-CLASS Magazine which has been a renown Thai magazine for over 2 decades, the company leader team with vision of multiple platform media production foresaw that the conventional media era would be changed to new media soon. With that vision, the state-of-the-art media transformation was made from analog to digital, from offline to online, from one-way communication media to interactive communication media and to social media.


Besides the transformation from conventional media to new media, the company has expanded both its fields of content and its scopes of media production services. The disassembling of original contents in magazine was made to create each independent websites with specific contents such as; HiclassSociety.com for interview contents, ArtBangkok.com for Art contents,  HiclassSpa.com for health and beauty contents, LivingDD.com for living and design contents, DooQo.com for business and investment contents, ETC.  And that action was the reason of our growth from a small publication house to a media group with diversity of potential medias in hand as well as the growth of our media production services business that was well acknowledge from our clients.

All of our visionary movements made over time have been carried on with our core principle of maintaining our strength in quality of contents, and that was our key success to stay strong through media revolution and crisis period that caused the extinction of most conventional media around the world.

HI-CLASS Media GROUP  offers ‘Special Publication Services’ producing IN-HOUSE Media Production in all platforms including;

  • Prints - Newspaper, Magazine, Book, Journal and Commercial Printing
  • Website
  • VDO Production
  • Music with Music VDO Production
  • Movie
  • Interactive media
  • Professional photography and Visualization services
  • Social Media
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HI-CLASS Media GROUP is also well known as a professional in Excecutive Interview Profile Services’ for the organizations that require promotional media & contents for the leaders to serve PR & Marketing objectives.

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